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 Beyond Applause


Here are the first round of reviews,

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One of my favorite books on the subject.

Tobias Beckwith, who has a thirty-year long career as a manager and talent agent for professional entertainers, including several Broadway productions, has written an excellent book on starting and managing your own entertainment business. He is very thorough and detailed with everything that you need to know in order to take your hobby and turn it into an entertainment company that gets hired to perform. I am now taking his live online class that is designed to go along with the book, and I have learned so much! This is information that you don't find readily available; trade secrets that are known only to other professional entertainers, and are not usually shared with the general public.

Daryl Howard - Magician


This book is a must have for the serious Entrepreneur!

I loved reading this book. I read it cover to cover and I have to say it was an awesome experience to go through this book. I ate it up. Buy this book, it will pay itself back many, many times :)

Teagan - Performer

Serious about the business of performing? Seriously... buy this book!

Serious about the business of performing? Seriously... buy this book!

I am a rabid book-lover. It's often tough love - my best-loved books are tattered, bent, marked up, and pulled from the shelf over and over. In just a week, Beyond Applause is already looking pretty dog-eared.


This book tips the real tricks to being a successful Independent Performer. Yes, Tobias often plays to the Magician (and why wouldn't he? He has successfully managed multi-million dollar magic careers), however the information applies to anyone in the performing business. I'll take that one step further - I know business owners who have nothing to do with the performing arts who would benefit from this book!


This is truly a road map to running a successful business, regardless of your definition of success (Aren't sure what your definition is? Tobias works you through that process too).


This may be a self-help book, but it's not a "manifest overnight" work. There are questions to be answered and work to do... a lot of it. As someone getting back into performing after many years, this is an invaluable tool to build my business, yet I can't stress how important the book is for anyone at any level of the business - these are lessons that will make you a better magician... because if you're not out there performing, what's the point?


This is truly a gift from a man who has been there, done that. I'm just glad I bought it before Tobias comes to his senses and charges what this information is really worth, because it would be way out of my price range!


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